sunday, nov 17, 2013

droste effect cheese packaging
"most often these illustrations are of women holding the self-replicating package, but there are also packages that feature a gorilla or a gendarme holding the product—the product on which they, themselves, appear" - see more examples of droste effect packaging
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the lifeguard towers of miami beach
photo: takethea
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what would happen if there was no electricity?
via nag on the lake
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uggcitrin is preventative only
via i have seen the whole of the internet
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ctenidae - gallery by techuser
more commonly known as wandering spiders, which are highly deadly - watch those banana shipments!
view more excellent nature photography by techuser
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by god's bones: medieval swear words
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saturday, nov 16, 2013

the wonderful world of rob ford memorabilia
portrait by stephanie kervin
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art installation - kitchen and yard covered in millions of glass beads
artist liza lou spent 5 years creating a kitchen and backyard installation of amazing beaded detail, each bead placed separately with tweezers
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one for the bucket list
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big me and little me
self portraits by paul armstrong
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friday, nov 15, 2013

octopus table
via tacky raccoons
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kenya's first major art auction
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barbie galerie
blopeep at 11:10 pm

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via the ever fabulous redundant variety hour which we feared had closed shop
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rock lobster - b52s
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thursday, nov 14, 2013

lotr subway notices
blopeep at 9:31 pm

nyc subways in the 1980s
photos by bruce davidson
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late for meeting
blopeep at 9:27 pm

mockingbird - etta james & taj mahal, 1993
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please please please let me get what i want
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tuesday, nov 12, 2013

smoke bombs and fireworks by olaf breuning
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film complet
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lucky escape
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lego creations by world class architects
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south african vomaseve dance mix
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baby black nosed lambs gamboling around the dinner plate
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monday, nov 11, 2013

the subculture of japanese trucker art
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food in my beard plates
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unboxing calculators
we put three calculators through their paces with a series of special tests
hoodie at 9:29 pm

monsters of fitness
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inside james dean's nyc apartment
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cats and type, together at last
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