sunday, sep 30, 2001
insert silence (.com)
too cool. go now. gotta love the tortured 'ventures on acid' bridge. nice scribbly shit on screen, too.
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counteracting anti-corporate activism on the web, in the streets, against individuals
what? slap 'em with your suspenders?
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bikini masterpiece theater
a scintilla of redeeming social value
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shaved pussy & the all hairless gallery
it's so not what you think
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hey, at least the sheets are soft
headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, drop in blood pressure, confusion, twitching muscles and convulsions, depression, respiratory failure, damage to liver and kidneys, ataxic gait, reduced spontaneous motor activity, depressed heart activity and the absence of static cling.
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ensure superiority. test lubricity today.
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keep on truckin' with superior lubricants
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bugs by the pound
You can't go wrong with a pea aphid, Christine Cousins says - ... if you're interested in observing voracious appetites and wild population growth. A school ordering the aphids gets a fava bean plant packed in a Styrofoam pot for each child - stowaways included. "The child gets the plant and counts how many aphids are on it," Cousins says. One day there are just a few. "But the next day they may have doubled." And as a bonus, Cousins says, you can almost see the births with the naked eye.
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duh, help me mr. wizard!
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uncle joe's abortion clinic
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brains 4 zombies (.com)
Guarantee holiday gift bliss with Brains!
"Some brains are just naturally better, juicier, and formerly smarter than others, and we've got them here at We sell only the highest quality fresh brains, delivered straight to your door. We do the dirty deed so you can spend more time... well... doing whatever the hell it is you zombies do when you're not ripping open people's heads."
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fuck osama (.net)
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captu: canadian association for the peaceful takeover of the united states
less crime, more land and the money is prettier
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friday, sep 28, 2001

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big penis webmaster revenue program
the original penis enlargement affiliate program
"We will GUARANTEE to outperform any other website in this niche..."
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porn star name generator
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young osama was enamored of explosives
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expedia inspires bin laden
microsoft truly evil
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thursday, sep 27, 2001
let's blow it up (.com)
Computer Destruction For The 21st Century
"Our main aim is to provide quality computer destruction images to you. No, we lie, our main aim is to blow shit up."
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anal rapist (.com)
nothing here but a black hole.
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daisy bath
boop boop be doop
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single shot 9mm portable phone
"CHEATING SPOUSE: Tired of the spouse's little "secret encounters"? Give him/her the ShotCaller2000 as a birthday present! Next time the spouse is out late with their new honey, just make a call to the ShotCaller2000. Punch in your pre-programmed, 3-digit code and BLAM! ....Problem Solved!"
birdman weapons systems - unfriendly products for an unfriendly world
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[shrug] i hope this isn't some sort of fetish site.
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sex and the ritz cracker
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each palace of god that burns is a victory for satan
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the australian national public toilet map
a project of the national continence management strategy
"Locating public toilet facilities in Australian cities, towns, rural areas, and along major travel routes."
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afghan-women (.com)
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wednesday, sep 26, 2001
emergency building escape parachute system

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deeeeeeo! deeeeeaaaayyyo!
colin powell come and bomb your home!
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the puking princess presents: bwlrgaaauuugghhh
"This isn't intended to be a major collection of vomit-related pictures, videos, sounds, and stories. It's just a small showcase for my own personal contributions to the world of emetophilia."
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swat the mosquito
all purpose productivity enhancer
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tuesday, sep 25, 2001

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statue molesters
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shelldrake™ at 10:47 pm
bill gate's place
a bill gate's place of your own
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listen, thou bull of bashan, for you will be as welcome as a fart in the queen's bedchamber!
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fling the cow (.com)
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penis size: your questions, experts answers
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the bin laden bunch
here's the story, of a man bin laden...
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monday, sep 24, 2001

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lots of ewes for you to view
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sim shatner

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naked man festival
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picture of a kid playing an accordian on a toilet while wearing bunny ears and a sad expression
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tumbling toast, murphy's law and the fundamental constants
"Toast does indeed have a natural tendency to land butter side down, essentially because the gravitation torque induced as the toast topples over the edge of the plate/table is insufficient to bring the toast butter-side up again by the time it hits the floor."
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that a bever to escape the hunter, bites off his testicles or stones, is a tenet very ancient; and hath thereby advantage of propagation
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the turin erotic papyrus
hump like an egyptian
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what do you call a moose and his brother?
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start with mandarin not dialect
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this old codge just stopped by to wish a happy 1st birthday to everlasting blort. we're still not quite sure what it is, but now there's a years worth.
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design for a faith-based missile
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al qaeda to cut at least 5,000 jobs
cites worldwide reaction to terror attacks
"The 'holy war' concern said the move was necessary because of an expected 20 percent fatwah reduction and the cost and complexity of thwarting new airport and immigration security procedures, accordingto a statement broadcast on Afghanistan's Voice of Sharia radio. 'This is, without a doubt, the most difficult thing I have had to do in my over two decades as a mujahad,' said chief operations officer Osama bin Laden."
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