saturday, aug 9, 2003

elvis & the prosthetic limb factory
madamjujujive at 10:37 am

sit down = ventilate
press lever = flushing
press button = spray warm
sit and dry = automatic

"Introducing the geberit showertoilet, a single, space-saving unit which combines the functions of a water closet with the principles of a bidet."
don't crap out before you see the slideshow.
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friday, aug 8, 2003

vintage chinese posters
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thursday, aug 7, 2003

madamjujujive at 11:48 pm
elite force aviator: george w. bush
U.S. President and Naval Aviator - 12" Action Figure
"This limited-edition action figure is a meticulous 1:6 scale recreation of the Commander-in-Chief's appearance during his historic Aircraft Carrier landing. On May 1, 2003, President Bush landed on the USS Abraham Lincoln in the Pacific Ocean, and officially declared the end to major combat in Iraq. While at the controls of an S-3B Viking aircraft from the "Blue Sea Wolves" of Sea Control Squadron Three Five (VS-35), designated "Navy 1," he overflew the carrier before handing it over to the pilot for landing. Attired in full naval aviator flight equipment, the President then took the salute on the deck of the carrier."
roger ninerover at 2:32 pm
"is a state-of-the-arts service that allows you the chance to promote your connection with a creative, articulate, friendly, attractive, and pleasing African American person. This service comes without the commitment of learning about racism, challenging your own white privilege, or being labeled "radical." In fact, rent-a-negro allows you to use your money and status to your advantage! In addition, your dollars go to support the development of African American culture...everyone benefits!"
h. rap tannenbaum at 1:38 pm
wednesday, aug 6, 2003

maboroshi cafe
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mr. crash davis at 11:22 pm

jesus vamp
note: 2 megabyte .mpg movie
ooga the booga at 11:14 pm
per definition, the first week of a year is W01 and consequently days before week W01 belong to the previous year and so there is no week with lower numbers. considering the highest possible week number, the worst case is a leap year like 1976 that starts with a thursday, because this keeps the highest possible number of days of W01 in the previous year, i.e. 3 days.
does anybody know what time it is? at 11:00 pm

eighth force
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earth erotica
onxy the brass goat at 10:38 pm

meat shake
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pray for the death of bill o'reilly
"Oh Lord, may he lose control of his bowels in those final moments so that the last and only warm feeling he ever experiences is his own shit."
dallas wonksnert at 1:11 am

the duel
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tuesday, aug 5, 2003
wifi speed spray™
"The patented formula in WiFi Speed Spray™ is the result of years of scientific research and testing. Simply spray the area around your computer. Usually five or six sprays is all it takes. As your computer sends data, each bit also carries hundreds of invisible WiFi Speed Spray™ "scrubbing" molecules. Within .0025 seconds, the entire path between you and the receiver is cleaned, scrubbed, polished, and sanitized. You'll notice the improvement immediately as your productivity soars!."
madamjujujive at 11:27 pm

gord's amphiparts
anathema at 7:36 pm