sunday, dec 7, 2003

bukakke xmas
mr. crash davis at 9:08 pm

midnight walk
ball of redemption at 4:03 am
friday, dec 5, 2003 our customers' advice: number ones
"The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things"
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madamjujujive at 10:11 pm

gotta love the japanese
mr. crash davis at 9:32 pm

badger cam
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more double takes
via borklog
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off road in a golf
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leave your message here
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macquarium collection
eddydamascene at 8:06 pm

psy ops anthem
note: 34 meg .mpg movie
[this is good]
madamjujujive at 2:35 pm

"The PeniStretcher is a scientific proofed method to lengthen your penis permanently without surgery between 1,5 to 2,5 inch. Do-it-yourself-system! Painless!"
madamjujujive at 1:12 pm

boilerplate in antarctica
quonsar at 1:03 pm

da bears
quonsar at 12:48 pm
shave the moon
The University of the Bleeding Obvious: Barberism
"I believe the nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before the decade is out, of landing a man on the moon, shaving it, and returning him safely to Earth." - President John F Kennedy
quonsar at 12:44 pm

hypnosis in media: "beetlejuice" (cartoon)
"There is another episode about a town which always sleeps, in which there is a brief picture showing a piece of food (Hypnotic Haggis?) hypnotizing someone with hypnotic bolts of energy from its one big eye."
madamjujujive at 12:39 pm

pill earrings
madamjujujive at 12:32 pm

my ugly ex girls glass eyeball
"I know this is gross, but it has to go. Although I loved her once, now she is gone and I will be rid of this thing forever. During lovemaking it would often fall out and spoil the mood."
mr. crash davis at 3:49 am
purely in the interests of science, i have replaced the word "wand" with "wang" in the first harry potter book
quonsar at 3:14 am
who is sara hell?
"There was also Sara Hell. She had a very powerful .plan, powerful enough that it has touched my life, and the lives of the people I have shown it too."
quonsar at 3:10 am

woman with a whip
madamjujujive at 2:58 am

does god want YOU to be a success?
"When God wants something done, He always gives it to ONE PERSON to doa Moses, a Peter, a Paul, a David, a Gideon, a Mary. Had you noticed? In Pray and Be Rich, Dr. Richard Gaylord Briley reveals a startling Biblical truth that has great implications for your life..."
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school artist of the week
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fox sex
stynxno at 12:19 am