saturday, sep 25, 2004

travis lampe
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railroads in the sky
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cleaning pennies with taco sauce
"A reaction that would be unfavorable in the absence of chloride ions, Cu + Cu2+ *--> 2Cu1+, becomes favorable when the chloride is present to tie up the Cu1+ form (as [CuCl2]-). The first process can be viewed as transfer of an electron from Cu (metallic copper) to Cu2+. This is followed by reaction of the Cu1+ with the chloride. I hope this clears up any questions or concerns you may have had regarding the cleaning power of taco sauce."
madamjujujive at 1:44 am

i don't know you yet, so i won't call you stupid.
"I also have a piano my parents gave me. It tells me to play a song and I do! Mommy and daddy and sisters loved me being home, and so did I, I slept in bed with daddy!!"
quonsar at 1:08 am

note: 9 meg QuickTime movie
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friday, sep 24, 2004

the man with the smallest penis in existence and the electron microscope technician who loved him
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ruff, ruff, ruff
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the agonizer special edition
It sucks even harder.
"So, like, what makes it more awful? We've changed some of the circuit components to add just that little extra smidge of massive, atonal distortion effecto thingy. It's now fully OPTIMIZED for bad tone and crappy sound. Now the family dog has deeply clamped his teeth into your scrotal sac, and he's starting to really get into the chewy goodness of your tender manhood."
anathema at 7:44 pm
thursday, sep 23, 2004

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afrotech's hard-disk sound system
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borg pony
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wednesday, sep 22, 2004

yuri in da cab
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how to do the mexican hat dance
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deviant child
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pasta log
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