sunday, nov 16, 2008

bacon i-phone case
hoodie at 10:34 pm

don't rape me
madamjujujive at 10:33 pm
64 days 13 hours 40 minutes and 35 seconds
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saturday, nov 15, 2008

obama action figures
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quonsar at 11:33 am

my long hair
thanks enschedeaanzee
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"you request a song and i will yodel it, it's that easy
blort blames april winchell
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tetsuya ishida
thanks weekly teinou bee woman
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jumping on eggs without breaking them
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pistol shrimp
"As the claw snaps shut, it fires a blast of bubbles. Incredibly as the bubbles collapse, they momentarily reach the temperature of the sun."
via nothing to do with arbroath
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thursday, nov 13, 2008

looking forward to the inauguration ceremony
quonsar at 9:11 pm
:: best of bush countdown ::

top 15 most embarrassing photos of george w. bush
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67 days 15 hours zero minutes and 37 seconds left
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national swine registry
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hoedown throwdown
"I got off the subway at Bloor and Yonge last night, and this is what I saw..."
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rixport at 8:29 pm
tuesday, nov 11, 2008

a video compilation of the evolution of al pacino's yelling and speaking voice
thanks growabrain
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how to turn your car into an unstoppable murder machine
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monday, nov 10, 2008

joe biden's teeth
"teeth you can believe in"
quonsar at 6:43 pm