saturday, apr 20, 2013

off for adventures in meatspace - back in early may ... for the latest internet hijinks, visit some of our blogger bosom buddies below and in the smorgasblort sidebar
dangerous minds
i have seen the whole of the internet
laughing squid
miss cellania
nag on the lake
the presurfer
tacky raccoons
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thursday, apr 18, 2013
just a woodchuck eating an ice cream cone
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brendan oconnell's walmart paintings
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joan cornellà
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lilian bourgeat
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colour photos of high school fashion, 1969
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black and white leg dance
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famous people who served in the military
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wednesday, apr 17, 2013

great masterpieces made with toast
hoodie at 11:04 pm

janina alleyne
"inspiration drawn from the architectural structure and silhouettes of external skeletons of marine invertebrates, creatures and insects"
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clayton cubitt's die antwoord photos
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evolution of the new york driver's license
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minus-iq pill
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awwww - kittens on a slide
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tuesday, apr 16, 2013

gaikuo-captain inserts himself in manga, anime and superhero scenes
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20 photos of small stone bridges
photo: ralphrepo
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cut: hair today gone tomorrow - sebastian sauvé
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bufa & sons - recycled jazz
bufa & sons website and more information (english)
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naturally beautiful calves
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digger the baby kangaroo gets into his pouch
via nothing to do with arbroath
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