sunday, feb 22, 2015

the policeman
"The brave policemen chase him and hit him until there is blood and hair and bits of bone all over their boots. The blood makes their boot caps shine like red cherries. Could you do that? Someone has to do it if we all want to live in a free world."
hat tip to mr. crash davis
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historical bicycle posters
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kitty - falina carroll
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white like me - eddie murphy
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portraits of people facing a 240mph leaf blower
photographer martin szabo
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the crooked houses of lavenham
photo: banksfam
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queen for tonight - helen shapiro
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saturday, feb 21, 2015

body crash
17 nude painted models for psa - emma hack
more at tywkiwdbi
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felted animals - victor dubrovsky
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photoshop before photoshop
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roma interiors - carlo gianferro
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77 exercises: workout for taking heads' fans
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new orleans 1930s
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what is this sorcery? world's most amazing juggling
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thursday, feb 19, 2015

parked cars and their surrounding architecture
photos by franck bohbot
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time lapse map of every nuclear explosion since 1945
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mypotholes - david luciano
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"beckett quotes on photos of boston's snow"
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our fluffy snow loving creature
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webster's savoury tights
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steven yeun & conan visit a korean spa
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