sunday, mar 5, 2017

pan am history, design & identity
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lili des bellons illustrations
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the hague: city hall's mondrian makeover
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destination earth, 1956
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custom built ranch car
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hooray for big hair
via the fabulous 'hair hall of fame'
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the daily donald: trump vs the wind
photo: timothy a clary - afp/getty images
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this is amazing
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this is what i call threading the needle
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blort site of the day: 170+ resources for everlearners
via bookofjoe
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saturday, mar 4, 2017

art by macsorro
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the future that liberals want
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best of keeping up with the kattarshians
via davelog
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terrifying pre-movie snack bar commercial
via b3ta
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when kids really had fun with science
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the daily donald: give me a kiss
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otter eating lettuce
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the best of mean celebrity tweets
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blort site of the day: aesthetic sharer
thanks @seanbamforth
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friday, mar 3, 2017
it is with great sadness that we say farewell to some of our favorite long-time bloggers who have recently passed away:

Gerard Vlemmings: The Presurfer
Kevin Norman Gray: Nothing To Do With Arbroath
Mark Woods: wood s lot

Gerard, in patricular was a friend - we shared the same blog birthday and he once hosted his wonderful blog on the meepzorp server. We will miss them all and thank them for how they contributed to our world.

Just a bit of musical tribute from some angels that we hope will greet our friends.

these are the days of our lives

quonsar & madamjujujive at 10:09 pm